Cosmetic Solutions for Thinning - Damaged Hair from the Herbal Care Experts
Dermatologist Tested · Hypoallergenic · Paraben & Phthalate-Free

"What amazing products! Thank you to BIOTA for sponsoring our recent Pre MTV Styling Lounge event in LA. We have gotten amazing feedback from so many regarding these products.I have since given it to family and friends to try. It really works! My hair was hopeless): It was dry,thinning,and brittle from bleach damage.Now it is radiant beautiful. The serum has really done wonders! I will look forward to any new products from this line in the future!"
Tiffany Oswald, Los Angeles, CA

"Hi BIOTA!! I'm a natural blonde (dishwater blonde i've been told). I never really had a problem with my hair until i was about 18… I've tried just about EVERYTHING out there with limited results. After only a little over a week of using both your shampoo and serum, I have to say i'm in LOVE"

"My hair had caused great harm to my self esteem… I would love for others to know that there is hope out there"
Kristy Kramer, Warren, MI

"About a year or so ago my students made a horrifying comment about my hair. She was concerned and matter of fact but I was mortified. I immediately knew I had a problem. I was beginning to become very upset. About two months ago I saw a Facebook ad for BIOTA I figured I didn't have anything to lose and off to CVS pharmacy I went. I immediately noticed results. I have been religiously using the shampoo for about two months now and people are noticing my hair again, but now because it is shinier and thicker. I am so excited and I plan on using the serum too. Thank you BIOTA for your amazing shampoo and a product that actually works"
Stephenie Loney, Henderson, TN

"I cannot even express the joy that this product has given me. I only use about a quarter size drop of the shampoo, then I massage it on my scalp. I let it sit for about 3 minutes and rinse. (Then I repeat with the conditioner).
I could do a commercial for these people I love this shampoo so"
Britt Cherry, author of, Alabama

"Nothing and I do mean nothing has worked for me until now! I am so excited about this product."

"I have tried numerous thickening products over the years and I can honestly say that this is the first product that actually had visible results."

"I tried taking hair related vitamins with limited success, but this topical definitely worked. Even my hairdresser asked what I did differently!"

"This product really worked for me, and hope it does the same for you too!!! Love, love, love it!"

"Been using it now for about 2 weeks and have seen a difference in my hair, its a lot more thick and looks healthier."

"I am using it concurrently with the serum … it definitely makes an improvement in appearance."

"A lot less hair on the floor and in the shower. I do see a difference."

"My dry lifeless hair is gone!! The split ends are gone! My hair is fuller and shininer than ever."

"I recommend this product for people who have damaged hair due to overprocessing it works great!!!!"

"I have been using Biota shampoo and serum… my hair looks and feels great. A lot fuller."

"My hair looks fuller, and seems to have a different texture. I will definitely continue using it."

"I've been using this shampoo for several months. My hair is in better condition now, softer, and it does feel a little thicker. This product has helped me quite a bit to be honest. It DOES help and for that I'm very thankful. It’s definitely worth buying."

"I see an improvement in my hair texture. Yes, I have recommended to a few of my friends and I will also continue to use it. I’ve tried other products this one works the best along w/the shampoo as well."

"My friend suggested I try Biota Serum. I love this product."

"Love love love! Fuller hair. Thicker, more volume! Just amazing! I order like 3 in advance because this shampoo is amazing!!!"

"Smells great and the rest of my hair is thicker and more manageable."

"I have been using this shampoo for just over a month now and my hair is noticeably thicker... so much so that my barber couldn't believe it! I am very pleased with the product."

"My hair is softer and definitely fuller and my blond highlights have never looked better! Might try the serum too. VERY happy with this purchase and this is my new shampoo, which I will use everyday."

"I can tell less hair is left in my shower, comb etc. I think this will work for the long haul, hopefully."

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