Cosmetic Solutions for Thinning - Damaged Hair from the Herbal Care Experts
Dermatologist Tested · Hypoallergenic · Paraben & Phthalate-Free

BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care is a complete line of herbal shampoos, conditioner, Daily Foaming Serum and (nighttime) Leave-In Serum that have been specifically formulated to bring new hope to those experiencing thinning - damaged hair. The secret is in our exclusive blend called Herbal BioComplex B11 – a proprietary combination of herbal extracts with naturally occurring minerals and essential fatty acids that nourishes, strengthens, and promotes thicker and fuller-looking hair.

This year, we are introducing two new and exciting products to the Advanced Herbal Care collection - an Intensifying Formula Deep Conditioning Masque and an Herbal Dietary Support Supplement for healthy hair.

It’s completely natural for hair to thin over time. Changes in hair volume can mean a reduction in volume and fullness, as well as less physical hairs on our head. As strands diminish in number, there is a lack of density.

This is a universal – and a very emotional – problem for many of women and men. BIOTA'S Advanced Herbal Care collection provides a safe, herbal, and effective alternative for consumers. It also does not require consumers to go outside their normal hair care routine – it can be as simple as just shampoo and condition as usual!

Of course, another benefit of our products is that you can also use them in conjunction with any other hair care products you might be using.

Regular and continued use revitalizes the appearance of hair and can dramatically help with thinning - damaged hair and:

  • Promotes Stronger
  • Nourishes Healthier
  • Encourages Thicker & Fuller Looking Hair

More than 97% of subjects reported thicker, fuller and stronger looking hair when using shampoo and serum combined.*

More than 83% of subjects reported thicker, fuller and stronger looking hair when using only BIOTA Herbal Shampoo.*

BIOTA Botanical Laboratories, a leading and trusted herbal care expert, is committed to marrying science with nature to create the exclusive, clinically tested and specifically formulated quality products that deliver on their promise, bringing new hope to the millions of women and men experiencing thinning - damaged hair.

*Results of a 6-month, placebo-controlled, independent clinical study using BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care Shampoo and Leave-In Serum.

**Beautiful Hair, by BIOTA Autoship Program Terms & Conditions

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